Compassionate Care for Abused & Discarded Animals

About Us

AWF is a recently created charitable organization and, therefore, the wording of this website anticipates the functions of AWF when it is fully operational. The mission of AWF is to provide Rescue–Shelter–Care–Rehabilitation to abandoned and abused dogs and cats in order to prepare them for adoption. Consequently, the language of website is not meant to imply that all aspects of AWF’s services are being performed at this time. A business plan that includes a description of how donations are being used will be included on the website, as well as updates on construction progress and the implementation of the planned rescue and rehabilitation services.

The Animal Welfare Farm of Virginia, Inc. (AWFVA) was created in 2012 and was approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit, charitable organization in 2013. It was the product of the compassion of its founders for the welfare of dogs and cats, and, on a larger scale, the welfare of wild animals. AWFVA is a rescue organization, a rehabilitation facility, a shelter and an adoption center that provides for the best possible treatment of dogs and cats that are turned in to or rescued by the AWF. Although its outreach to rescue and provide for dogs and cats is geographically unlimited, its focus is on animals in need of help in the Mid-Atlantic Region which allows for better opportunities for rescue. AWF is a no-kill animal rescue organization which will accept as many animals as it can reasonably and effectively provide for. We do not euthanize animals, except upon the studied advice of a professional veterinarian who recommends that euthanasia is the only option to minimize the suffering of an animal.

AWF is governed by a Board of Directors, each of whom has been involved in animal welfare or rescue operations and each of whom donates at least 100 hours per quarter to the mission of AWF. The Board sets policy for the operation of AWF and the Executive Director, who is hired by the Board, is responsible for carrying out those policies. The Executive Director is assisted in his/her duties by a small paid staff of specialized professionals, a highly dedicated volunteer staff which undergoes initial and frequent follow-up training sessions, and a small group of highly trained veterinarians who donate a considerable amount of time to the quality care of AWF animals.

AWF coordinates closely with other animal rescue organizations in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including the Humane Society of the United States, the American Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the local government animal control and shelter agencies, and the many other non-profit, charitable animal rescue organizations that work hard every day to help save the thousands of abused, abandoned, lost, injured, and discarded dogs and cats in our region.

The Animal Welfare Farm of Virginia, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization that relies on donations from our generous supporters, membership dues, and community fundraising. We are not operated or funded by any national humane groups and must rely on contributions from people like you to bring our services to the community. Donations made to national animal welfare groups do not benefit our local organization or our animals. All financial contributions and in-kind donations are tax deductible.
Please consider donating towards the care of our needy animals today!

The Founder and Executive Director of AWFVA is Ron Mallard. He can be reached at Comments and inquiries are welcomed on the “Comments” tab at